Music is not magic.

For many, it holds a transcendental power. It can inspire cheesy tattoos, savage YouTube comment fights, extravagant spending on soaring ticket prices, an extra burst of speed on a run.

Dreamy rants like this about the mystical attraction of music are everywhere, and often this spell encompasses the people that make the music. Music fans and history nerds like myself often swoon over famous musicians, glossing over their sometimes dire flaws.

But it’s not just frenzied fans – historians, too, have been guilty of trumpeting high-gloss narratives of untouchable genius and cool.

Enter POPILOGUE. I’m certainly not so oblivious as to say I’m unbiased and unaffected by star power. My aim here is to simply present little-known stories about the music and musicians we know and love who have had such an impact on the twentieth century. I hope to provide context, down-to-earth grit, and maybe even a little critique.

I hope you will all enjoy, or at least be mildly interested!

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