about me


my name’s Meg, and I’m all dressed up with nowhere to go.

I hold a B. Mus from the University of Ottawa and an M.A. from McGill University. Both of these were in musicology, a word that sounds made up but really just means the study of music. I studied popular twentieth century music genres and wrote my thesis about jazz history, telling the story of a musician named Lester Young and exploring complex questions of race and masculinity. I studied classical piano performance at the U of O and have spent a little time performing as a keyboardist and jazz vocalist.

After 6 years of merrily digging through dusty piles of books I am now a Working Woman with no outlet for my fascination for music history. This blog is now the place where I can share all the interesting stories I learned.


All opinions, conclusions, rants, and raves are unaffiliated and purely my own. As good little academic I will dutifully cite any sources I have consulted.

Images and media are likewise my own unless otherwise stated.

I would be thrilled if you share so please feel free, but kindly link me if you do!

Comments are welcomed, but be advised any comments containing toxic and oppressive isms or phobias will be called out or deleted.


photo by Victoria Watson